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  • Expat tax services

    Expat tax services

    As an employer of expats, there's an awful lot to consider. What are the tax advantages and disadvantages? Does the employee qualify for the 30% ruling? What about severance pay? At Courdid, we live and breathe expatriate tax, so we can give you complete insight, overview and clarity. Everything to help you make the right choices in complex-looking tax situations.

    Internationally operating employees help you seize opportunities, but not without presenting a few challenges too. That’s especially true when it concerns payroll obligations, remitting social insurance premiums and making different remuneration arrangements in another country because a 'tax equalisation policy' exists. There’s also the reassurance of a full international tax audit that you need to give the expat. Expat situations can be complex, and the international consequences shouldn’t be overlooked. Fortunately, Courdid uses clear language, supplies practical solutions, and is always prepared to go the extra mile.

  • Education and training

    Education and training

    We enjoy working from a place of self-motivation to learn something new every day and to do what we do even better than the day before. That motivation generates excellence not only in our consultancy work but also in our training programmes and presentations.

    At Courdid, we don’t just give tax advice on national and international conditions of employment and employment relationships. We also lend our expertise to commercial organisations that provide training courses and educational programmes. Reputable organisations like Kluwer, SDU, Post Academisch Onderwijs Belastingwetenschap (PAOB) and HR Academy.

    We provide in-house training and presentations that are tailored made for a select group of employees. We also give several types of presentations and training programmes designed for small groups either in house or at our premises. The choice is yours.

  • Interim employment

    Interim employment

    There are many reasons your company may need extra global mobility or payroll tax advisory staff temporarily. When that happens, we can help. Once we’ve assessed your current situation and the challenges you're facing, we’ll present you with workable solutions, not unwelcome surprises.

    Sometimes you need extra personnel on a temporary basis only. When you're busy implementing the Work-related Cost Scheme, for example. Or maybe when you have fewer staff in your payroll department due to a reorganisation or maternity leave.

    At Courdid, we work with people who are eager to know not only your market but also you as a client. Why? Because we want to provide the right amount of support that you really need, whether it’s for tax departments dealing with payroll tax issues or for HR departments having to handle international mobility, immigration, compensation and benefits.
    Don't wait too long. Contact us without obligation on 070 315 34 70 or at

  • Expat immigration

    Expat immigration

    When it comes to employing expats and tackling immigration issues, Courdid takes care of everything for you. We stay up to date with the latest policies, laws and regulations, and we find the best solutions to strengthen your position as an international employer.

    The Dutch migrant's policy enables companies to employ highly-skilled staff from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland. To make use of the knowledge migrant scheme, the Dutch employer you must be approved as a recognised sponsor by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service. We can assist you with this and the knowledge migrant license application. Our service is professional and personalised.

    We also help employers who want to engage foreigner employees from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland and are not a recognised sponsor. In these situations, a work permit for non-EU citizens is usually necessary. We can arrange these permits and those required for the employee's family members by following well-worn paths or by seeking new routes and alternatives (but always within legal limits).
    We also give advice on a wide range of issues such as the free movement of labour within the EU, ICT procedures, starting a company in the Netherlands, participating in training programmes and attending business meetings. We’re here to guide you through the entire immigration procedure.

  • Payroll tax advice

    Payroll tax advice

    At Courdid, we advise and guide employers on all aspects of employee tax & social security contributions. We're not the type of consultants who sit on the side lines waiting for your questions. We’re specialists who bring experience and vision to the table. Who search for imaginative solutions that make the most of your tax opportunities and avoid unnecessary risks.

    Getting to know you well is crucial. By fully understanding your business, we can anticipate your questions and give advice that is in your best interest. And we offer not only creative but also practical solutions that will help your company move forward. Whether it’s a calculation module for the work-related cost scheme or a wage tax & social security contributions advisory service and scan. You can also turn to us for issues like redundancy schemes, employment issues, tax procedures, new conditions of employment and management participations whenever they touch on the expat market and internationally operating employees.

    We cross boundaries literally and figuratively to give our clients the best possible advice and to find the best possible solution.

  • Expat payroll

    Expat payroll

    Salary administration and expat payrolling for national and international organisations. We're crazy about it. We're good at it, too. Our hearts beat a little faster when it comes to producing the correct pay slips, timely salary payments and clear and comprehensive reports. Really!

    There's a good chance your heart beats a little more quickly when you think about expat salary administration, but for all the wrong reasons. For internationally operating employers, handling the company's payroll is often a complex matter. It requires specialist and up-to-date knowledge. A good example is applying correctly the 30% ruling or verifying the foreign employee has been taxed fully in the Netherlands. But there’s no need to worry. With Courdid, you're in good hands.

    Rest assured you’ll be able to rely on the accurate processing of your payroll: correct pay slips, timely salary payments and clear, detailed reports. And you’ll know in advance what it will cost you. Our expat payroll service gives you clarity, confidence and understanding. Not only for employees who do cross-border work (expatriate payroll) but also for company directors and supervisory board members (executive payroll).

  • Relocation services

    Relocation services

    Relocating staff to another country is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. Whether you’re the employer or employee, there's a lot to arrange. It is a comfort to know that help is at hand with our professional and committed team. At Courdid, we’re ready to welcome you with open arms.

    There's a great deal to organise when relocating to another country. And we’re not talking about cardboard packing boxes (although there will be plenty of those). Courdid does everything to make the relocation process to the Netherlands as smooth as possible for both employer and employee. Our service is designed to help you find appropriate accommodation, take out good health care insurance, open a Dutch bank account, find the perfect school for the children, and much more. In short, everything you need to ensure that you can focus fully on your new job here in the Netherlands.

    Our enthusiastic and committed team knows everything about working and living in the Netherlands. Our professional consultants will help you (and your family) adapt to your new living and working environments as quickly as possible. Simply select one of our three Relocation Service packages. For tailored-made solutions, extra services are available. Welcome to the Netherlands. Our door is already open.

  • 30% ruling

    30% ruling

    Much like most, we don't like to pay too much and want to have – and eat – the absolute most of the financial cake, for example by applying the 30% ruling. This lets you reimburse 30% of the wage – tax-free. No need to tell us that twice!

    If, as an employer, you recruit an employee from outside the Netherlands who will become liable for tax in the Netherlands, certain additional costs (the extraterritorial costs) can be reimbursed free of tax. Instead of reimbursing the actual extraterritorial costs, you can, on conditions, reimburse at most 30% of the wage tax-free. This does not require you to actually incur any costs. Courdid will quickly and efficiently arrange the applications with the Dutch Tax Authorities. Please contact us, and we will gladly make you a keen offer.

  • Income tax return

    Income tax return

    Many people find doing their taxes a hassle. It is quite the chore, especially when you’re working here as an expat, or recruit staff from outside the Netherlands or place staff abroad. It can be downright stressful. Fortunately, it doesn’t bother us!

    Tax returns for expats and employers with foreign staff are highly complex and must oftentimes be filed in multiple countries. Courdid will take care of your tax returns in an involved and professional manner, anywhere in the world. Call us today for a keen offer. Whether you need to file a single tax return or a dozen, we will gladly relieve you of your taxing stress!