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When it comes to employing expats and tackling immigration issues, Courdid takes care of everything for you. We stay up to date with the latest policies, laws and regulations, and we find the best solutions to strengthen your position as an international employer.

The Dutch migrant's policy enables companies to employ highly-skilled staff from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland. To make use of the knowledge migrant scheme, the Dutch employer you must be approved as a recognised sponsor by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service. We can assist you with this and the knowledge migrant license application. Our service is professional and personalised.

We also help employers who want to engage foreigner employees from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland and are not a recognised sponsor. In these situations, a work permit for non-EU citizens is usually necessary. We can arrange these permits and those required for the employee's family members by following well-worn paths or by seeking new routes and alternatives (but always within legal limits).
We also give advice on a wide range of issues such as the free movement of labour within the EU, ICT procedures, starting a company in the Netherlands, participating in training programmes and attending business meetings. We’re here to guide you through the entire immigration procedure.