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Salary administration and expat payrolling for national and international organisations. We're crazy about it. We're good at it, too. Our hearts beat a little faster when it comes to producing the correct pay slips, timely salary payments and clear and comprehensive reports. Really!

There's a good chance your heart beats a little more quickly when you think about expat salary administration, but for all the wrong reasons. For internationally operating employers, handling the company's payroll is often a complex matter. It requires specialist and up-to-date knowledge. A good example is applying correctly the 30% ruling or verifying the foreign employee has been taxed fully in the Netherlands. But there’s no need to worry. With Courdid, you're in good hands.

Rest assured you’ll be able to rely on the accurate processing of your payroll: correct pay slips, timely salary payments and clear, detailed reports. And you’ll know in advance what it will cost you. Our expat payroll service gives you clarity, confidence and understanding. Not only for employees who do cross-border work (expatriate payroll) but also for company directors and supervisory board members (executive payroll).